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Eat Local

Urban Farming

Urban Farming – A movement in cities all across the world to grow food in urban areas in order to engage and educate communities as well as address issues of food security and sustainability.

Urban farming is an incredibly important movement in this city. It is not just about growing food. Urban farming is deeply rooted in community and education. Clearly urban farming will never be able to feed a whole city, but it can feed the minds of a city and empower people to live a healthier, happier and more sustainable lifestyle. Bringing neighbors together and sharing in the bounty of their labors is the essence of this movement. Food is the key to linking people with each other and with a place. In cities, many people have no idea where food comes from. When surrounded by metal, brick and cement, the entire idea of the food we eat once living in dirt can seem utterly absurd. Urban Agriculture brings the realities of life and nature into this man made urban environment and connects people to each other and the food they eat.

In addition to building and empowering communities, Urban Agriculture also strengthens the local food system. The average fruit or vegetable in a supermarket travels 1400 miles or more before it touches our lips and is covered in synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. The environmental costs of industrial agriculture are profound as are the social and economic ramifications, which come with the corporate privatization of our food system. Supporting local agriculture and especially urban agriculture promotes the local food system and the local economy.

Urban farming has immense benefits. Your support of the multiple programs across Philadelphia, especially Marathon Urban Farm Initiative will ensure that this important movement continues to break new boundaries and build our communities!